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across the way
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Here say here now, I've heard you've found
There's more across the way
Now the other side can look so nice
Until you've heard this myth won't wash away
I've heard there's more in altered land
No rocks, no tools, no stepping stones
You live across the way I've heard you say
Not in words, you show on face
i use my tongue, wear on sleeve
Hat's off, my tie's undone, welcome...
This plan to cross border, soldiers divide families
That's reform
Here say here now, I've heard you've found
Across the way it's green I'm told
And you can't talk so now you're dumb
The standoffish way you sit in your office
He's a goldfish
He gets as big as his fish bowl
Food for you're own dish
Let's just say it's found in all of us
Instead we say, we they he she
Just call them out by name
Good could be found
Let's sift through sand
Good could be found
A fallen angel has been canned
Should it be bound a calling
What breathes down your neck is lion's breath
That's all I have to say for now
I'll save the rest for rainy days...