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the model of clean living
the naked mole-rats
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Adonis stumbles out of the Viper Room
Into the darkened night
He cannot feel his feet below
Is quickly losing sight
As his brother cradles him into his arms
And lowers him to the ground
He looks into his dying eyes
And hears his final sounds

"I'm gonna die, dude."
How could this happen to me?
I'm the model of clean living
Dead at twenty-three

They say he would not eat the flesh
Of any living thing
Or wear the products of their skins
Because of the guilt it would bring
Had he been an animal
Caged by scientists
He might have fared much better
At the hands of activists


A river carries all the poisons
Out into the sea
A river dammed pollutes itself
Even accidentally
Go on with your lives my friends
Get over your sorrow
There's a new film at the cinema
A new idol for tomorrow


© 1993, William Grimley, Jeffrey Mendoza, and Michael O'Shaughnessy