phoenix blues
The Weird
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i have been unable to find the lyrics to this song as of yet, but i have managed to find this quote about the song/band:
The lyrics alone are worth the price of this 7" from The Weird, a threesome from LA. Micro Tyranny (vocals and guitar), Damon Kaye (upright bass and vocals), and Bill Bateman (drums and vocals) make up this homage paying (River Phoenix), Stray Cat strutting, negative (image) video shooting trio. Their bio states that The Weird was formed in 1989 as a metaphysical club, and became a musical group in 1993. They "work with the living and the dead, and move to the other side to let River Phoenix speak in his own words" in this right-to- the-point, no mixing words, song about the death of the young actor. Lines like "Come to the Viper Room and die with me", "Johnny D. will let us in free" show the satire whereas "Take the drugs that come your way, be not what you dare to say, Never live to see the day, throw your precious life away" would make Nancy Reagan proud. The B side, "Anubis", sounds too much like a TV theme song to be worth the flip, so keep it on "Phoenix Blues" for the best listen.